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We are a husband and wife wedding videographer team who have done cinematic weddings in California and New York. Our clients have described our style as heart-felt, emotional and simply beautiful. Our goal after your wedding is to leave you speechless or be crying happy tears. We rely on those simple, sweet moments as they unfold by themselves. We try to capture the soul of that moment, for there is nothing more precious than being able to feel the same exact feeling all over again.

We believe that each wedding is unique and we take our time to find each couple’s story. We will capture your day unobtrusively and deliver a product that’s as unique as you. If our work speaks to you, contact us below to discuss your big day.

It would be an honor and our privilege to tell your story.

Chris & Aenid

  • Our video is incredible–when I watched it I cried! I had people who were “friends of friends” asking me who made our video, everyone raved about how artistic and professional their work is… Kristina
  • WOW THIS IS SO AMAZING! Note to self: do not watch at work or coworkers will wonder why you are crying at your desk. Watching the video you made brings me right back to that day, and everything we felt, which is exactly what we wanted: to remember one of the very best days of our life together. Thank you!!Evelyn
  • If you are deciding whether or not to get videographers to capture your wedding day, you will not be disappointed. Your wedding day goes by so quickly and we love that we now have it all on video to remember every special moment. We highly recommend the Candi Project! Christina
  • The term “best wedding video ever” has been uttered on more than a few occasions, and we now get to watch how our wedding video is the one that brings everyone to tears. Valentina

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thecandiproject@gmail.com | 917-794-5777

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